Saturday, September 24, 2005



Hello Mothers,

please sit down and talk to your daughters and sons also. This world is brutal, Naomi Campbell has been in this business forever, and she can tell you about the bumps and the bruises, literally and so can Tyra Banks. It is very very rewarding, but if this is your plan A, you better have an A thru Z plan, this business is bigger than one individual will ever be.

Go for your dreams, but please have a plan and for gods sake, please make sure that your dreams are realistic. I personally think that we all should have an agent or a career counselor that can advise us from birth to our final days, but that is not realistic, but we all need some type of guidance. This world is bigger than I am, but I have a part to play as a PUBLISHER and I am giving it all I have got.

At my age , over 40, I know what to do in life, and I also know what not to do. If you don't do anything else, please please please, establish a foundation first for your family or future family, in other words buy that Real Estate, land isn't going anywhere. Ok Mothers I can go on and on, if you have a son or a daughter wanting to pursue this field, which in THE HOOD, most of us do. Please give them more choices than that.

I was watching the movie - WHITE MEN CAN"T JUMP , and Woody Harelson told Wesley Snipes a power statement. He says that Black Men always want to look good first and WIN second, but White men, WIN first and look good second.

Think about it, and explain this to your sons and daughters, especially us in THE HOOD, we get used up as far as our physical ability can takes us, but please explain to your children,that a Businessmans life is a lot longer than an athlete or a Model or an Entertainer, unless he or she is in charge of Their Own Money, now that is a Businessman or a Businesswoman, in other words have a DREAM, but please be in control of it, and always have a plan.

Naomi Campbell does, if she doesn't , I am sure someone else has plans for her. Good or Bad, she is making herself and others a TON of money, and guess who is making the most of her money? So please have a PLAN.

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Tony Renee Smith
Publisher - The Ynot Times


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