Saturday, July 30, 2005


FATHER = Fathers are The Hoods Extracted Resource.

This book is a GREAT PIECE OF WORK, why? It addresses the solutions , we all know the problems, but this book breaks down the role of fathers in THE HOOD. It is a sort of a guide of sorts.

Here are a few issues that will be covered.

Child Support - why should you get credit for paying child support, this is something that you are supposed to do. When you were dating, you paid for the ass, and now that you have created some ass, you do not want to pay at all. Sorry. It is your obligation for life......

Responsibility - Be repsonsible to yourselves as men , and then you can be repsonsible to your family. One of the main issues in regards to being a Father, please do not live with your parents, unless it is an extreme circumstance, I don't call being lazy or a mama boy an extreme circumstance. Hint - if you never ever leave home, what can you show your children and how will their futures be?

Earning Your Keep - You cannot go through life not being aproductive member of society, because in The Hood our children already have enough going against them, and now you as their father are not earning your keep, all this does is make your children more confused more so, because the real world has no time for a free-loader. Posted by Picasa

Tony Renee Smith
CEO-Ynot Communications
Good Evening to you all, I have a question for you mothers, do you know if your daughters are really going to college? Do yourselves a favor and check up on them, every now and then. The reason why I say this is, college students seem to think that they are grown,butthey are forgetting one thing. You the parents are paying their way through college, especially if they are still living in your home. We as parents need to know this. The reason why I am addressing this to mothers is: Most, not all mothers in THE HOOD, defend their children 100% and do not even know what they are doing. This is a major problem within our inner city neighborhoods. Most of you do not know what your children are doing. It would do you good to find this out, it cna save them as well as boost their morale , just to know that you care. This picture here is a picture of my younger sister, yes she is 19 but I still go to her school atleast twice a week, unannounced , and guess what, she is in class. Trust me, when they know that you care, at times it does make a difference. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 28, 2005

The Bay Bridge

Attention Mothers, please introduce your daughters and sons into the field of Architecture-Technology and or finance. Being a Dancer and or a Entertainer is a one in a million shot. It is fine to have a dream, but you need to give your children a choice or a direction. Posted by Picasa

The Oakland - San Francisco Bay Bridge, an engineering marvel in the making.

Thank You
Tony Renee Smith
CEO-Ynot Communications

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


OK Mothers here are the cast

Hakeem is a Billionaire Software Genius
Jahmal is a Billionaire Attorney
Rock is the Pit Bull Terrier
Russell is the Black Cat

The two pets have been with them all of their lives, and basically they are involved in telling the story of The Tycoon Twins from The Hood who rose up to be 2 of the most important men in the world, doing it all with their brains Posted by Picasa

I will keep you posted from one event to the next, the two are sort of a Political Comic strip among other things, this DUO was created to make you all think.

Tony Renee Smith
CEO-Ynot Communications
OK MOTHERS, have you told your children or friends about : The Tycoon Twins, Hakeem and Jahmal. Blog is located at: Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 24, 2005

YNOT COMMUNICATIONS is coming to you from the other city by the bay, Oakland-California. A great place to live, and yes depending on where you live in this city. Oakland is just like any other inner city, MulitCultural and that means that there are a wide variety of issues. In all, Oaklands location is great and the benefits of its location are fabulous, just ask the Business Titans in and around the bay area. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 21, 2005

OK MOTHERS, please do not forget about the higher education process for your children. Yes, it is up to you , to stress this and enforce this issue within your households. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 17, 2005

OK Mothers, I am always on the fathers, have you ever taken your daughters to see how the other side lives. Don't answer, just give your kids a choice. See which one they choose. You have to expose them in order for them to know. Posted by Picasa
FATHER = Fathers Are The Hoods Extracted Resource, this is a powerful book that will be to you soon in August, all of you mothers need to have this one. Posted by Picasa
Family Portraits of all kinds, Ynot Comunications. The Artist Sharon can and will make all of your Portrait dreams come true. Posted by Picasa

The Ynot Messenger Bag

Ok Mothers, here it is, The Ynot Messenger bag. This item can be purchased at the following site: Posted by Picasa

Tony Renee Smith
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Saturday, July 16, 2005






Your Sons

Your sons,

Hello Moms. Let's take a minute to start on a controversal issue. Black Men. You need to keep your sons busy from this age 4yrsold on up, especially when it comes to their education.

Life is to tough on Black Men forever, so you need to be tough on them from a young age. They need to work , they need to go to school, they need to own their own businesses, they need to mow the lawn,they need to wash dishes, they need to feed the dog, they need to do all of this at the same time, and above all, they need to be loved 360 degrees all the way around. I said loved, not babied.

If you do not know how to do this, cry out for help now, not when he is 14yrs old. So please please please save your sons now, and you will see the results later. Nine times out of ten, our sons imitate what they see in front of them. So it is your job to show them a Woman and then they will know how to chose one. By you being a great woman , it gives them something to go by, a guide of sorts.

Please do not take offense to this BLOG, just get up and do your job and more. Posted by Picasa

You may ask , what does he know about raising a son???

Simple, I had the greatest woman in the world raise me, and that woman is my mother. She is great, I have never ever met anyone come up to her level. She is just well rounded.She and my Dad were on the same page when it came to the children.

Tony Renee Smith
CEO-Ynot Communications

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


OK MOTHERS here it is, a website for your daughters.

What is so special about it? This website is a website for young girls/women who want to enter into the Fabulous Field of Architecture.

please logon at Posted by Picasa

Please pay attention to Ynot Communications.

As Ceo-Publisher , all I am trying to do is educate us in the hood to the new ways of life, with the new tools of life. We are at

Tony Renee Smith
CEO-Ynot Communications


The Essex is a great place to live, directly at the mouth of Lake Merritt in Oakland California, the othercity by the bay.

I have to admit, I have been to this place and it is Beautiful.

All in all I am saying that here are one of the new options to live in Oakland,California. Yes The Hood is changing. Posted by Picasa

Oakland, California is a great place to live, it just all depends on where you live in Oakland.

Tony Renee Smith
CEO-Ynot Communications


Ynot ART, Posted by Picasa

We not only write books,we do Pastel Portraits ( Family Portraits) just logon to our website located at, our ART director can be emailed at:

Tony Renee Smith
CEO-Ynot Communications

Education Battles Inflation

Hello Mothers -

The EBI Factor, this book will help you save you and your family from years of the same old thing. The Hood is full of stress like no other neighborhood within the country.

Yes there are many HOODS, please do your part to make yours a better place to live. We owe this to ourselves. Most of all we owe this to our children, we all need to not just only be educated, but stay educated.

That is the only way that we can fight inflation and win, because Infaltion brings a whole level of stress in THE HOOD, that you would not believe. So lets stay educated and keep down the stress. Posted by Picasa

This book will be available in August 2005

Please logon to our bookstore at:

Tony Renee Smith
CEO-Ynot Communications

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


It's in our nature as mothers to be caregivers, to the point that we forget to care for ourselves too.

Mothers, it's okay to take the time out for your self every day, that's right, every day. Whether it's 15 minutes, an hour or even more, do something for you. Don't abuse your self in the form of self neglect. Make up your mind to set up dates for you, with you; don't feel guilty, just go for it and enjoy!

Your health is depending upon it.

Ynot Art Director
Ynot Communications

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Good Evening Mothers

Good Evening Mothers

Good Evening Mothers ,

Please take the time out to hug your children tonight. Trust me it does make a difference in their lives to know that they are embraced in more ways than one, especially at bedtime ,and when they are on their way to school in the morning, try making their morning a great experience rather than a routine one. Our children in East Oakland have enough to deal with in the streets ,let alone in the ride of a car or a bus or a walk to school every morning. Thank You Posted by Picasa

The reason why I know this to be true, I never ever went to school on an empty stomach and love was always their from my mom and dad. I am just passing it on to you and yours.

Tony Renee Smith
CEO-Ynot Communications

Friday, July 08, 2005

THE HOOD - Ok Mothers, this is the book that you all need to read and give to your men, sons,nephews,boyfriends,grandsons,etc. The book can be purchased at: Posted by Picasa
MOTHER - Hello to you all, yes MOTHER is not just a BLOG or a BOOK or CD it is an INSTITUTION and yes Institutions needs to be updated, this BLOG is a true testament to THE INSTITUTION OF MOTHERS. The book is coming soon at Posted by Picasa

The Ynot Camisole

OK ladies, here it is The Ynot Communications Camisole,
located at Posted by Picasa

We thank you for your continued patronage.

Tony Renee Smith
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During times of gut quivering tradgedies, from devastating terrorist acts, to every day struggles, remember to give thanks for every breath that you breathe and stand firm on faith and with that will come strength and resilience.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

MS. KATHERINE JACKSON - She has done an extraordinary job with her family Ms. Jackson is definitely by far one of the strongest mothers from the hood and yes she is everlasting. Posted by Picasa



MOTHER - is being presented to you from Ynot Communciations of Oakland California.
We appreciate your patronage.
Sincere thanks - Sharon - Ynot Art Director of Ynot Comunications. Posted by Picasa