Sunday, October 30, 2005

Ms. Rosa Parks

Ok Mothers,
Please tell your daughters who this great woman is.

Monday, October 03, 2005

TECHNOLOGY TUESDAY AT THE YNOT TIMES - The FABULOUS CRANES AT THE PORT OF OAKLAND, Ladies and Gentlemen, these cranes are the BOMB, go on atour and see them work. As I have said before Technology is all around us here in the city of Oakland,Californis. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, October 02, 2005




HAKEEM AND JAHMAL - THE TYCOON TWINS, remember the twins, they are here getting a LOAN FROM A BANK, but this is an unusual twist. They own the bank., how about that The New Super Heroes are Businessmen not Crime Fighters, they use their brain not theirbrawn. Posted by Picasa

Tony Renee Smith
Publisher - The Ynot Times
HELLO MOTHERS, This blog entry is a personal one with me, all I am going to say is that once in my life I had a little sister and now she is a MOTHER, and yes she is from THE HOOD and succeeded real well, Part of me is jealous of her, and part of me envies her, and at the sametime , I am extremely proud of her. She is a great mom and now I have a niece and she is FABULOUS, due to her mom, and all of this came from our MOM and DAD. In short what I am trying to say is, ladies and gentleman please give your children a HEAD START in life, and especially you mothers. When it is your childrens turn, please pay attention to them and make their lives better than yours was. Thank You Posted by Picasa

Saturday, October 01, 2005


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This blog today is dedicated to the mothers in the hood who have sons, once again please please please let them go, enough is enough.

I personally know about 5 mothers that keep making excuses why their grown sons do not need to work at all, they come up with every scenario why these men do not have to leave home.

Remember this, while you are taking care of your sons , you are devastating our race and culture and turning them into wimps and failures, trust me I have seen this first hand. You all say he is cute and he is mannish, and you blame it all on his father, well maybe you should blame his fathers mother. Trust me, I know what I am talking about , nobody has ever wanted to take responsibility for this issue.

Bill Cosby deserves to be mad, hell I am mad right along with him. It is alright to help your child, but what if you are not equipped to help, what if you do not know what a man is, please do not be afraid to ask for help. Look at Hurricane Katrinas victims, most of them are single mothers, grandmothers,aunts,sisters etc.

The bottom line is, if someone a long time ago would have stepped up and changed the past, well maybe the future of today would be different, trust me it would be.

In short, do yourselves a favor:

Go into the yard tomorrow and watch a squirrel , the ants, the siders, the birds and the thing that they aall are doing , is taking care of their families, by way of nature, just watch them.

OK OK OK - Look at the MOVIE - BUGS LIFE and you will see how a community takes care of itself. THE LAWS OF NATURE SAYS - SET YOUR CHILDRE FREE, JUST AS THIS ELEGANT SWAN IS SIGNIFYING BY FLYING AWAY IN THE BAY WINDS - Of Oakland/Emeryville California.

My people, wake up.

Remember that old saying- What you don't know - will not hurt you.

The Hell with that - In this information society , what you don't know will KILL YOU , LITERALLY.

Change the past and create a NEW FUTURE.


Tony Renee Smith
Publisher - The YNOT TIMES