Saturday, July 30, 2005

Good Evening to you all, I have a question for you mothers, do you know if your daughters are really going to college? Do yourselves a favor and check up on them, every now and then. The reason why I say this is, college students seem to think that they are grown,butthey are forgetting one thing. You the parents are paying their way through college, especially if they are still living in your home. We as parents need to know this. The reason why I am addressing this to mothers is: Most, not all mothers in THE HOOD, defend their children 100% and do not even know what they are doing. This is a major problem within our inner city neighborhoods. Most of you do not know what your children are doing. It would do you good to find this out, it cna save them as well as boost their morale , just to know that you care. This picture here is a picture of my younger sister, yes she is 19 but I still go to her school atleast twice a week, unannounced , and guess what, she is in class. Trust me, when they know that you care, at times it does make a difference. Posted by Picasa

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