Saturday, July 30, 2005


FATHER = Fathers are The Hoods Extracted Resource.

This book is a GREAT PIECE OF WORK, why? It addresses the solutions , we all know the problems, but this book breaks down the role of fathers in THE HOOD. It is a sort of a guide of sorts.

Here are a few issues that will be covered.

Child Support - why should you get credit for paying child support, this is something that you are supposed to do. When you were dating, you paid for the ass, and now that you have created some ass, you do not want to pay at all. Sorry. It is your obligation for life......

Responsibility - Be repsonsible to yourselves as men , and then you can be repsonsible to your family. One of the main issues in regards to being a Father, please do not live with your parents, unless it is an extreme circumstance, I don't call being lazy or a mama boy an extreme circumstance. Hint - if you never ever leave home, what can you show your children and how will their futures be?

Earning Your Keep - You cannot go through life not being aproductive member of society, because in The Hood our children already have enough going against them, and now you as their father are not earning your keep, all this does is make your children more confused more so, because the real world has no time for a free-loader. Posted by Picasa

Tony Renee Smith
CEO-Ynot Communications

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